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    I’ve got 99 problems and my inability to self motivate is causing every single one of them.

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Costume for Stafford Dean as Alfonso d’Este in “Lucrezia Borgia”
Michael Stennett


    Costume for Stafford Dean as Alfonso d’Este in “Lucrezia Borgia”

    Michael Stennett



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    So delicate Flowergirls by Lim Zhi Wei / Love Limzy, Malaysian artist.

    these are amazing

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    "stand amongst the ashes of a trillion dead souls
    and ask the ghosts if honor matters.”

    1/9 characters - Javik

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    To console somebody is one of the most beautiful things in my opinion.

    I should probably apologize for posting something senseless yet again, but I can’t. I don’t know why, but there’s just something about this ship that makes me happy in a very “complete” way. I just feel genuinely good with this pairing and I feel like it’s kinda “healthy” for me to sometimes simply draw some fluff with ships I love.

    (But it’s probably healthier for me to draw stupid G1 things and Megatron being overchallenged.)

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    I really need to read up more on Lore for Dishonored and the outsider and junk

    but my favorite thing so far is in Brigmore Witches on low Chaos The Outsider says he doesn’t play favorites 

    but like the entire game he’s influencing/giving the means for both Corvo and Daud to save Emily. How they go about it is obviously their (your) choice but the end result is the same. Save Emily.

    why do I find this ADORABLE

    … And Emily has dreams about the Outsider, too.

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    You Cannot Rest Here




    Have you ever played a video game where you have to sleep to recover? They only let you do it if everything is safe. Otherwise they won’t let you sleep. You’ll get a message, saying “You cannot sleep now, there are monsters nearby.”

    Now, remember the last time you just couldn’t get to sleep?

    I do.

    Don’t you fuckin do this to me


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    "That’s the problem with putting others first; you’ve taught them you come second."
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    praisevivec asked: every time I see that "French weed joke" I giggle like an idiot... thank you for that


    I thought of you when I reblogged it. :D

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    the word ‘bisexuality’ is a taboo

    it isn’t said on tv. orange is the new black, for example, features a bisexual protagonist who points out the biphobia at one point in assuming she can’t be attracted to multiple genders, but no one Ever says the word and she is ignored and referred to as a straight girl or a lesbian depending on the situation

    other bisexual characters later turn out to have been Really Monosexual All Along. or are attractive, promiscuous women with commitment issues

    this isn’t a coincidence.

    people who are attracted to multiple genders, when asked about it, often describe themselves as “Fluid”. “I’d rather not label it.” “I don’t need to define it.” “It’s just whatever.” as if people are afraid of even implying the b word

    this isn’t a coincidence.

    the word ‘bisexual’ gets you different reactions in different places. straight people think you’re either faking for attention or a deviant. straight men are afraid of bi men and think bi women are just particularly promiscuous straight girls who want to have threesomes with them

    gay men accuse bi men of being in the closet. lesbians accuse bi women of being straight girls going through a phase. and the ones who don’t do either of these things still often assume bisexuals are promiscuous, indecisive, and can’t settle down.

    the theme throughout is that bisexually is illegitimate, deceptive, and always a front for something else.

    this isn’t a coincidence

    people are constantly encouraged to ‘settle down’, to ‘just pick one’, to ‘not be greedy’. abandon bisexuality. you’re really gay. you’re really straight. you’re too young. how can you know you’re bisexual at 16? 18? 20? 25?

    this isn’t a coincidence

    the word ‘bisexuality’ is constantly, persistently manipulated, by people who aren’t bisexual at all. the meaning twisted on shallow rationale. accused of being transphobic, or of being exclusionary. this has been happening for over 20 years now despite the existence of outspoken trans and/or non-binary bisexuals. whatever they can do to make you not say the word. pick a different one.

    this isn’t a coincidence

    bisexual people - whether implied or literally, deliberately saying they are bisexual using the word - are constantly rewritten as gay or as straight. gay icon. he was never interested in men. bi actor comes out? headlines say ‘came out as gay’, or articles outright ignore it

    it’s never, ever a coincidence. bi erasure is a constant, ongoing thing.

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    leviathanteacups asked: A favorite character: Billiiiiiiie~~~~~ (I keep wondering how Billie/Piece would work and it is youuuuur fault :'D )


    Yes. Excellent. Yes do it.


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